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Model: ANDE-59
                ~~topaz gems crown the glistening design of the earrings, which are crafted with sterling silver. Type :                   &nb..
219.00 AED
Model: ANDE-66
~~Like a full moon sitting low on the horizon, these pearl drop earrings emit a rosy glow. Type :      Earrings Material:  ~~.925 Sterling silver Production Country: ~~Thailand Measurements: ~~0.7" L x 0.5" W   Weight:   ~~0.19 oz ..
219.00 AED
Model: ANDE-65
~~Eternally classic, pearls are beautiful in the design of these earrings Type :      Earrings Material: ~~925 Sterling silver  Measurements: 1.7" L x 0.3" W x 0.3" Weight: 0.18 oz..
219.00 AED
Model: ANDR-27
 Blue topaz, the gem of empathy and the birthstone of December, to crown the stunning design of this ring. The 2-carat gem is glorious in a sterling silver ring that is crafted by hand. Type :      Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:   &..
215.00 AED
Model: ANDE-62
~~The sterling silver earrings are crafted by hand, creating a stunning effect with white pearls and smoky quartz. Type :           Earrings Material:               ..
209.00 AED
Model: ANDE-63
~~ Crafted by hand, these whimsical earrings are centered with a diminutive flower. Type :                            Earrings Material:      &n..
209.00 AED
Model: Fsb-37
Description   this feminine design exalts the gleam of sterling silver. The beautiful bracelet is crafted by hand in a delightful garland of blossoms.                     Made:       Thailand       ..
209.00 AED
Model: ANDE-29
Textured raindrops cascade from sterling hooks in chandelier earrings that evoke rain.Crafted by hand. Type :       Earrings Material:   sterling silver 925 Design:     Rain Color:       Silver Production Country: Peru ..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR-57
Onyx, said to protect against negativity, is fascinating in the minimalist design of this ring Type :                    Silver Ring Material:                Sterling silver 925 Stone:   &nbs..
199.00 AED
Model: Fsb-40
Description   a sensational bracelet that adapts design motifs from Thailand's hill tribes. The narrow silver cuff is crafted by hand.          Made:             Thailand                 ..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR54
The soul of simplicity, this pristine ring evokes the glow of the moon Type :      Silver Ring Material:  925 Sterling silve Stone:     reshwater pearl Color:      white  Production Country:Thailand Measurements:&nb..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR-24
Majestic, a sunflower blossoms with detailed artistry on a curling shield. It is crafted by hand with sterling silver. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925       Color: silver        Production Country: Tha..
199.00 AED
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