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Model: ANDN-06
Silver frangipani blooms in a sterling bouquet, their beauty intensified by blue topaz and a dyed pink pearl.This exquisite necklace is delightfully contemporary.The topaz gems total 6 carats.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 ..
399.00 AED
Model: ANDN-27
This opulent necklace exemplifies modern elegance. She designs it to showcase precious teardrop amethysts, the February´s birthstone, that total 12.5 carats. Type :       Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      Amethyst ..
390.00 AED
Model: ANDN-29
Red garnet diamonds, the birthstone of January, hold scarlet teardrops, their crimson charisma enhanced by silver settings. Suspended on a sterling chain, they grace a regal waterfall necklace designed. Type :      Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 ..
357.00 AED
Model: ANDN-68
The Artist finds inspiration in Taxco's silver artistic legacy for the modern design of this necklace. Featuring a sterling silver chain, the dynamic silver pendant is crafted by hand featuring the lucky eclipse between blue topaz and turquoise.   Type :     Pendant Necklac..
355.00 AED
Model: ANDN-14
A sterling pendant consisting of six amethyst stones branches out in four directions, forming a lovely cross. the necklace melds the beautiful violet gemstone, which represents February´s birthstone,   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silve..
349.00 AED
Model: Fsb-39
Description  The sterling silver bracelet is crafted by hand featuring a 24k gold plate accent and a hammered finish.                      Made:           Thailand            &n..
345.00 AED
Model: ANDN-11
The artist crafts a regal necklace inspired by traditional Indian fashion. Set in sterling silver, opulent medallions of malachite enclose a fascinating range of green. The graceful pendant centers a silver chain.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  ..
325.00 AED
Model: ANDN-20
Beautiful necklace that combines cabochon moonstone with faceted amethyst. The lavish, lovely necklace totals 4 gemstone carats.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      Amethyst & Moonstone Color: ..
324.00 AED
Model: Fsb-38
Description   this sterling silver bracelet links colorful gems associated with chakras. Set in sterling silver, amethyst, iolite, citrine, peridot, garnet, blue topaz and carnelian total 7 gemstone carats. Clear and light purple stones  Stone:        amethyst, ..
299.00 AED
Model: Fsb-26
Description    this festive design is crafted of sterling silver. She alternates sleek ovals of black onyx with faceted garnets that total 8 crimson carats. Stone:            onyx                      &..
299.00 AED
Model: ANDN-71
Shaped of sleek black onyx, this pendant suggests a fang or claw. HJ creates a hunter's talisman for men. Crowned with silver, it is worn on a bold sterling chain.   Type :      Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      on..
299.00 AED
Model: ANDR-48
An octagon-cut London blue topaz is spectacular in its rhodium plated sterling silver settings. Flanked by white topaz, the deep blue gemstone takes center stage in this ring. The gemstones total some 4.5 carats. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 ..
299.00 AED
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