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Model: ANDR-48
An octagon-cut London blue topaz is spectacular in its rhodium plated sterling silver settings. Flanked by white topaz, the deep blue gemstone takes center stage in this ring. The gemstones total some 4.5 carats. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 ..
299.00 AED
Model: ANDR-55
A work of radiant beauty, this ring accessorizes with the exotic allure of the mabe pearl. Type :         Silver Ring Material:     sterling silver 925 Stone:        pearl Color:         Blue  ..
299.00 AED
Model: ANDR-5
Fanning out like a butterfly's wing, garnets captivate with glistening elegance in a sterling silver ring from Alok Jain. Totaling 3.5 carats, garnet is regarded as the gem of love and luck and is the birthstone of January. Type :       Silver Ring Material:   sterling..
265.00 AED
Model: ANDR-59
marquise-cut amethyst, centering the faceted stone in a modern handcrafted ring. Embraced by a strand of polished silver, the crystalline gem is mesmerizing.   Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     amethyst Production ..
249.00 AED
Model: ANDR-53
Whirling on sterling orbits, four faceted peridots rotate around a freshwater pearl Type :        Silver Ring Material:     sterling silver 925 Stone:         peridot and cultured freshwater pearl Production Country:Indones..
249.00 AED
Model: ANDR-60
Silver light reflects through amethyst perfection, as the stone's elegant facets reflect the style and spirit   Type :         Silver Ring Material:     sterling silver 950 Stone:        amethyst    Produc..
249.00 AED
Model: ANDR-26
It is crafted by hand with sterling silver featuring classic Indian ornamentation. Five pearls crown the design with iridescent majesty. Pearls represent June´s birthstsones Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     Pearl Color: &..
249.00 AED
Model: ANDR-69
Shiny hearts escort rhodonite, said to vibrate with love, in a ring by HJ. This beautiful original ring is crafted by hand with sterling silver.   Type :                      Silver Ring Material:         &..
229.00 AED
Model: ANDR-36
The sterling silver ring is crafted by hand, creating the illusion of three rings fused under onyx, one of the most protective gems. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:  Onyx     Color:     Black Production Cou..
229.00 AED
Model: ANDR-27
 Blue topaz, the gem of empathy and the birthstone of December, to crown the stunning design of this ring. The 2-carat gem is glorious in a sterling silver ring that is crafted by hand. Type :      Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:   &..
215.00 AED
Model: ANDR-57
Onyx, said to protect against negativity, is fascinating in the minimalist design of this ring Type :                    Silver Ring Material:                Sterling silver 925 Stone:   &nbs..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR54
The soul of simplicity, this pristine ring evokes the glow of the moon Type :      Silver Ring Material:  925 Sterling silve Stone:     reshwater pearl Color:      white  Production Country:Thailand Measurements:&nb..
199.00 AED
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