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Model: ANDR-24
Majestic, a sunflower blossoms with detailed artistry on a curling shield. It is crafted by hand with sterling silver. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925       Color: silver        Production Country: Tha..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR-51
Lapis lazuli's gold-flecked blue is captivating in a full finger ring. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     Lapis Lazuli Color:      Blue Production Country: India Measurements:  1.3" L x 0..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR-41
 this design is a study in harmony and balance. Diagonal line and open spaces bring visual interest to a wide silver band. Faceted iolite centers the ring. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:   Iolite Color:   Blue Produ..
199.00 AED
Model: ANDR-38
 Crafted with sterling silver, the ring is crowned with a heat treated green onyx cabochon. Type :        Silver Ring Material:    Sterling silver 925 Stone:        Onyx   Color:         G..
189.00 AED
Model: ANDR-58
Black onyx and Andean silver. A finely polished sterling ribbon whirls in a circle to embrace the sleek black gem. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     onyx Color:      black Production Country: Peru ..
189.00 AED
Model: ANDR-47
 A sterling halo surrounds the oval gem in pale green tonalities. Type :      Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      Jade    Color:       Light green    Production Country: Guatem..
189.00 AED
Model: ANDR-34
Flanked by golden brass accents, opal evokes the Indonesian sea. Set in silver, the rich blue gem is exquisite Type :     Silver Ring Material: sterling silver 925 Stone:    Opal Color:     Blue Production Country: Indonesia   Measuremen..
189.00 AED
Model: ANDR-6
Colorful gems of powerful beauty are designed to align with their respective chakras in a ring. Crafted of sterling silver, the ring is crowned with amethyst, iolite, citrine, peridot, garnet, quartz and carnelian. Their colors correspond to a specific chakra for clear and light purple stones are as..
187.00 AED
Model: ANDR-49
Peridot's cool green tones evoke sparkling lime green ice. Peridot represents August´s birthstone. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     Peridot    Color:      Green     Measurements: ..
179.00 AED
Model: ANDR-86
  Enjoy the Rich Feeling of silver 925 thiland  A Gift We All Desire Description : Double Turquoise & Grey Zirconian Gem Silver 925 Ring Jewelry Material:silver 925  Type of Stone /Stones:Turquoise & Zirconian Stone; Brilliant Cut  Color Of stone:Sky ..
179.00 AED
Model: ANDR-60
A most protective stone, onyx is believed to fortify self esteem.   Type :                     Silver Ring Material:                 sterling silver Stone:         &nbs..
175.00 AED
Model: ANDR-61
Surrounded by silver moonbeams, an onyx oval is smooth and mysterious.   Type :            Silver Ring Material:        sterling silver 925 Stone:           onyx Color:      ..
165.00 AED
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