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Model: ANDN-35
Surrounded by sterling frangipani, the moon guards the mystical secrets of amethyst. The magnificent design.who carves the moon's smiling face from cow bone. The ornate pendant hangs from a dark brown leather necklace cord.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material: &..
185.00 AED
Model: ANDR-49
Peridot's cool green tones evoke sparkling lime green ice. Peridot represents August´s birthstone. Type :     Silver Ring Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:     Peridot    Color:      Green     Measurements: ..
179.00 AED
Model: ANDR-86
  Enjoy the Rich Feeling of silver 925 thiland  A Gift We All Desire Description : Double Turquoise & Grey Zirconian Gem Silver 925 Ring Jewelry Material:silver 925  Type of Stone /Stones:Turquoise & Zirconian Stone; Brilliant Cut  Color Of stone:Sky ..
179.00 AED
Model: ANDN-01
A strong heart beats with the magic of love in a necklace.He crafts the pendant with thick sheets of sterling silver and finishes it with stippled textures, achieving aesthetic finesse. Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 Color:   &..
175.00 AED
Model: ANDR-60
A most protective stone, onyx is believed to fortify self esteem.   Type :                     Silver Ring Material:                 sterling silver Stone:         &nbs..
175.00 AED
Model: ANDN-60
Illuminating sterling stars, gemstones represent the seven chakras. The word means "wheel" and refers to the points of spiritual and physical energy in the human body. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red represent the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root, and eac..
175.00 AED
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pink Stardust Mesh Bracelet-FSB-78 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pink Stardust Mesh Bracelet-FSB-78
-47 %
Model: FSB-78
Made with Swarovski ElementsLength:  42 cm18 kgp alloySilver magnetic closure comes in gift..
169.00 AED 320.00 AED
Model: ANDE 1
Cool as ice, luminous rainbow moonstone encloses subtle rainbow tonalities,the oval gemstones in sterling silver earrings. Beneath, teardrops of faceted amethyst total 3 carats. Type :     Earrings Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      Amethyst &..
167.00 AED
Model: ANDN-40
"My inspiration for this design comes from the symbol for infinity,"erpreted in sterling silver, it takes shape as interlocking circles. Brushed textures contrast with the cable chain that completes this lovely necklace.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material: &nbs..
167.00 AED
Model: ANDE-58
~~The sterling silver raindrops are crafted by hand, featuring two with a brushed satin finish. The middle raindrops have a matte finish in earrings Type :            Earrings Material:      •Sterling silver Design:&..
165.00 AED
Model: ANDN-05
The innate glow of smooth white pearl emits a quiet radiance. Centering an ornate silver sun, the gem graces a necklace.   Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silver 925 Stone:      Pearl Color:       White ..
165.00 AED
Model: ANDN-34
Amethyst ignites the fabulous design of this necklace. Shaped like a burning flame, the sterling silver pendant cradles amethyst, gem of spiritual wisdom. The rhodium plated necklace features 1 gemstone carat. Type :     Pendant Necklace  Material:  sterling silve..
165.00 AED
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